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Customer happiness


In Turkey’s past and continuing to our current day in trade in each shop, the common Turkish proverb stating that “The Costumer is a king” is hanged in some corner of the shop.

In Turkey’s past and continuing to our current day in trade in each  shop, the common Turkish proverb stating that “The Costumer is a king”  is hanged in some  corner of the shop.
Tradesmen  exerted an effort to give the right to this written post  due to the unchangeable hospitality of the people.
In Anatolia the motto stating that the costumer is a king which is in  use for centuries  is the most precious legacy that our ancestors have left to us., Firstly if we consider thinking of ourselves as  customers, then a great importance would be made to the   trade ethics and integrity framework. Nowadays, there still some different writings hanged on the trades walls stating who special is the costumer.
Realizing who  the  products and service options were  much more limited and the access to any kind of information was narrow at the time making the costumer value , a customer case is quite important, today the globalization of trade and the Internet influence are inevitable and vitally important in term of customer satisfaction, customer complaints, competitive advantage, product and service quality.
In Portsan Mermer, Considering the motto primarily as  commercial morality, periodic customer surveys and questionnaires are made and the results of  the customer satisfaction and customer complaints will be the  third eye that evaluates the company which is believed to be of a great importance to the development of  the product, service the development of the structure , R & D researches and  the development of the  organizational culture of the company,
This awareness is shared periodically  in the training with all the employees We are  trying to create a goal-oriented team spirit to enable our employees to  think like a costumer and to look through the customer's perspective at the  all stages of  the production.
By examining sensitivity the complaint reasons, correction process and results, the quality is evaluated at meetings held regularly every year and the results are shared with the board to be d dealt with  on one hundred percent customer satisfaction goals basis.
We have this perception in the framework of full twenty-five years, the customers and customer complaints, our service structure, and our product quality  will be considered to raise the culture of our  company   as a result.
Since our establishment day until today we offer with pleasure to whom our support is inseparable , believers in our company and  confident  costumers to be our third eye.