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Message from the President

Together with our best wishes for success;

In Portsan Marble We proud ourselves for having reputable brand in the marble industry, as one of the responsibilities of having a brand we are increasing our growth momentum with each passing day.

In Portsan Mermer We proud ourselves for  having reputable  brand in the marble industry, as one of the responsibilities of having a brand  we are increasing our growth momentum with each passing day.

We have undertaken the mission to be honest, hardworking, fast and to work  in the light of our primitive working principle, since we have been established until now we are  lively experiencing successful works  by our faith, our goals as well as determination, Since 1988 all of the products that we produced happened to take part in hundreds of projects within Turkey and the rest of the world.

Without compromising on the innovation and the international competition in a globalized world. In Portsan Mermer We have proven that Portsan Mermer is not merely a chance of success throughout  carrying out works on an international basis with Research & Development  of projects  responsibility. Because we know that the common feature of success is achieved by ; research, development, quality, and a lot of hard  work.

Our quality service and customer satisfaction arises, Throughout   keeping pace with the new technologies and with the path that we have designed in our entrepreneurial spirit  combined  with our team of expert management and the  leadership of our experienced staff.

In Portsan Mermer our primarily goal is to provide a better quality of life to our employees and to fulfill the duty to the development of our country. The main goals of our social responsibility projects have been always in this direction .

We were able to be successfully distinguished from many other companies due to the importance and attention that we have given to the environment, by paying such attention we are aiming toward a cleaner, greener and more livable world. By choosing a renewable energy investments in our factory of Mercan Mermer located in Bucak, we have established solar electric energy generating system  on an area of 2 thousand 600 m2 with a generation capacity of 500 kW. By using This  system  a portion of  47% of our electricity consumption is covered. In addition to that , we aim to implement the same system in our other factories.

Besides this we carry out reforestation efforts nearby our quarries in order to absorb  the carbon emissions, we have cultivated in the  last 2 years, 296 thousand 500 Ponderosa, 8 thousand pine, 9 thousand 900 cedar, 7 thousand 500 Thrush and 6 thousand 50 blue cypress, a total of 327 thousand 950 saplings were planted with nearly  500 thousand seeds planted

As for the carbon emission absorption plan that we pursue as a company, since the  need is that 15 times as the planted trees more trees should be planted in the conscience,  We are aiming to move the  number higher.

Along with the goal toward growing our investments of Portsan Marble in 2015, We are also aiming toward the development throughout our social responsibility projects in the name of our teammates in the first place , region  and country.

Together with our best wishes for success;